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Crisis + Media Communication
Managing The Impact of Technology on Team Communication
“What’s Your Organization’s Growth Strategy?”

Crisis + Media Communication

If the unthinkable should happen to your organization, are you ready to respond with confidence to the media? Don't be caught off guard — prepare yourself now for your next encounter with the media.

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Managing The Impact of Technology on Team Communication

This intensive workshop is designed to help managers understand the implications of communication technology in the workplace, its impact on the human dimensions of face-to-face communication, and its impact on team performance.


1. Reviews the importance of understanding the information needs of employees and how to balance this need with the pressure to constantly make effective decisions quickly;

2. Illustrates how technology is the tool to communicate — not the message;

3. Allows participants to learn from each other through shared experiences; and,

4. Provides practical skills and strategies to communicate more effectively with employees using technology, and demonstrates how to reach consensus on contentious issues.

A combination of briefings, hands-on practice sessions and group discussion that gives managers the opportunity to interact with other participants, and to learn practical techniques that utilize technology to facilitate the communication process, while not losing sight of what we should communicate.

Who Should Attend:
All managers who work in environments where technology has become the primary mode of internal communication. Senior managers who wish to improve communication skills, and their strategies for building high-performance teams would also benefit from this workshop.

Workshop Design:
This workshop can be presented over two and-a-half consecutive days. As well, a modular approach can be arranged where clients participate in four modules over a six-month period.

“What’s Your Organization’s Growth Strategy?”

Outdo your competition and kick-start your growth strategy at this thought-provoking seminar and individual coaching session!

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